Greg Anzalone Photography: Blog en-us (C) Greg Anzalone Photography (Greg Anzalone Photography) Mon, 16 Jul 2018 21:44:00 GMT Mon, 16 Jul 2018 21:44:00 GMT Greg Anzalone Photography: Blog 120 120 It's my Birthday! - 10% Discount It's my Birthday!  Well, almost.  But to help celebrate, I am offering 10% off on all print orders until the end of July 23!  (Yeah, that's my birthday)

Just use the code "HappyBirthday" at checkout!

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Black Friday Sale Black Friday Sale!  Save 20% on all prints!

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Make the best of it A friend and I drove down to Allegany State Park this past weekend.  Of course, our expectations were to photograph the wonderful fall foliage that you would expect this time of year.  Nothing could have been further from the truth.  It seems like such a strange year for color this fall. 

As we took the two hour drive down to the park, we observed everything from the leaves hardly changing, to "near peak", to past peak, to blah.  But none of the vibrant reds and oranges that we had set out for.

Instead of calling it a wash and a complete disappointment, we made the best of what we were dealt.  We made a stop and wandered around the Zippo / Case Museum located in Bradford, PA.  (I almost bought a new pocket knife, but resisted the temptation).  Had a nice lunch while we were down there, and of course talked about photography and the like.

The day wasn't a total bust photographically either.  Since there wasn't any foliage to speak of, we just needed to switch gears a bit.  The image below was taken at a little stream we stopped at en route to the park:

Little FallsLittle FallsA small waterfall flowing over boulders

And another shot I'm fond of is the covered pedestrian bridge located in the park:

Covered bridge at AlleganyCovered bridge at AlleganyA covered foot bridge in Allegany State Park

So even when things don't go as planned, make the best of it.

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Backing it up So I'm going through some images in Lightroom, found one that I wanted to re-work a bit, and came across this Error: "File appears to be unsupported or damaged"  What?  

My initial thought was that maybe it was just some funky Lightroom thing.  After all, I did just upgrade my Lightroom to the latest version.  So I first tried to open the file with other applications.  Photoshop, On1, Luminar... Nothing would open it.  The file was corrupt.  Damn.

So I thought I would take some time to write about the importance of backing up your images.  I will explain how I am set up and my workflow.  I am not saying that this is the best or the only way to do it, but it works for my budget.

I have two external hard drives - Drive 'A" and Drive 'B'  In the most basic terms, images are stored on 'A' get copied to 'B' and are backed up to a cloud based service.  

So now the steps:

  • After a shoot, I import the images into Lightroom.  I have LR setup to copy the files to the external hard drive 'A'
  • I use a program called ChronoSync - This is a utility that I have configured to monitor drive 'A' and it copies any newer or changed files to drive 'B' this runs on a nightly schedule - This gives me 2 local copies of my images on 2 different external hard drives.
  • I also use a cloud-based backup solution from BackBlaze.  BackBlaze is configured to continuously backup my hard drives  for any new or changed files.  This includes both my external hard drives 'A' and 'B' as well as the internal hard drive on my iMac.

That's it!  That's how I backup my files.

Oh - and that corrupt file?  First I tried copying the file from 'B' to 'A' but that didn't work.  So I logged onto, and restored the file from BackBlaze.  Took a total of about 5 minutes.  Sweet!

If you are a photographer, I highly recommend using a cloud-based backup such as BackBlaze.  If you would like to subscribe and get a free month, click here:


- Greg


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Watkins Glen State Park Yesterday I took a ride out to Watkins Glen State Park with my long-time shooting friends Alan and Bob to photograph the waterfalls.  Sadly, Bob and his lovely wife are moving away and this would be the last time the three of us would be out shooting together for awhile.

I've always enjoyed these little excursions.  The stories, the laughs, the bad jokes.  And throw in some photography as well.  I wish Bob and his wife the very best in their new life adventures, and am glad we had the opportunity to get out for one last shoot together.


Falls at Watkins GlenFalls at Watkins GlenA weekend trip to Watkins Glen State Park.

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Today was the Scott Kelby Photowalk Today was the 10th Annual Scott Kelby Photowalk.  It started out a little drizzly, but it soon cleared up and turned into a beautiful day.  

It was also the first time my son, Anthony, went on one of these type of walks.  I love watching him as he is out photographing - The sense of excitement, joy, and fun!   Of course, I try to teach him a few things along the way.  But for the most part he just wanted to shoot!  Clicking away at the shutter, taking photos without a care.

Watching my son today reminded me that we need to remain enthusiastic about our craft.  Have fun when out shooting.  Jump a little out of our comfort zone, and a little into the care free zone.  Enjoy yourself, and what you are doing.

Below is an image I took durning the photowalk.  It was taken inside the Historic Hotel Henry, where we started our walk.


Inside Hotel HenryInside Hotel HenryTaken inside of Hotel Henry, locate in Buffalo, NY during the Scott Kelby Photowalk

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Watermark does not print! I just wanted to clarify that the watermark "Greg Anzalone Photography" does not get printed on the print orders.



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Dug thru the archives!  

I had to  The ShiningThe ShiningA hallway in the old Bethlehem Steel North Office located in Lackawanna, NY before the building was torn down. dig into my archives to find this beauty!  But I wanted to make sure I had it uploaded and available for print.

This is a hallway in the old Bethlehem Steel (North Office) located in Lackawanna, NY

The building itself has since been torn down, and the location is now part of the Buffalo Outer Harbor

This would look great as a metal print!

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Up and Running! Plus a Discount Code! The site is officially "open for business" !!!

While the website is still in its infancy, I wanted to get it up and rolling.  I will be adding more images as it progresses.

I am super excited to get this off the ground, and am offering 15% off all orders in the month of October!  Just use Coupon Code GrandOpening2017 at checkout.

Please be sure to register to be updated on other specials and events.


Thank you for stopping by!


Greg Anzalone Photography




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Scott Kelby Photo Walk Just a heads up that the Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk is coming up fast.  Real fast.  Like October 7th fast.

If you've never gone on a photowalk, I encourage you to do so.  You get the chance to meet photographers in your area (who knows, maybe make a new shooting partner or two) Perhaps shoot in an area that you've never thought about shooting before.  Enter for a chance at some great prizes.  And most importantly, you get out to shoot and have some fun!

I will be attending the photowalk in Buffalo, NY - but you would be hard pressed not to find one in your area.

Check it out at


- Greg


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Welcome to Greg Anzalone Photography! I finally "bit the bullet" and decided to put up a photography website to showcase and sell my work.  A project I've wanted to do for a long time, but for whatever reason was reserved in doing so.

I need to thank my sister for encouraging me to move forward with this project.  Perhaps it was more nagging than encouragement.  Either way, it lit the fire under my butt to not only think about putting the website together - but to motivate me into action.  

I also need to thank my lovely wife... who not only supports me and understands the long hours I have needed to get this site together, but also gives me the opportunity to go out and capture the images that you will find within.

A special thanks goes out to my friends who have gone down a similar path and whom have offered me guidance as I get things set up.

My intent is to update this blog on a regular basis.  I will offer aid bits of what I've been doing, as well as discount offers on the prints I have for sale.

Thank you for stopping by!  I encourage you to subscribe to the RSS feed, and also to Register on the site to receive discount coupons in email.

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